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Oligoscan: Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing

Oligoscan: Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing


Is the diagnostic technology inspired by Star Trek here today? That TV series often showed Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy placing or waving a device over patients and instantly determine the problem. Now there’s a similar technology that quickly and accurately analyzes key elements in our body. Key elements that influence our health and longevity, and may reveal why we are sick, tired, or chronically unhealthy.


The Oligoscan device uses an innovative and revolutionary technology to check minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals, providing the fastest turn around results in the world. The pain-free, non-invasive test does not require the traditionally used but now outdated urine, hair, or blood specimens. These methods are useful but have many drawbacks as they only test what’s excreted, or currently circulating in the blood. They are not accurate for minerals and heavy metals that are INSIDE THE CELL (intracellular burden). Additionally, all chelating or challenge agents (DMSA, DMPS, EDTA, etc) can be hard on the kidneys, and are biased for certain minerals….mainly lead and/or mercury. You need the whole picture, not just a few. The Oligoscan device is gently placed on your hand in a key 4-point sequence and collects data. The results can be printed or emailed in a matter of seconds! It also determines oxidative stress (excessive cell damage and aging) and key mineral ratios. The information allows practitioners to precisely analyze and determine imbalance, deficiency, or toxicity of minerals or heavy metals in the cells. It provides pinpoint accuracy in developing therapeutic suggestions or individualized treatment options. NO MORE GUESSWORK.


Based on review of hundreds of published scientific journals, we know both heavy metal toxicity and mineral imbalance are common in nearly every single living person, regardless of race or geographic location. We also know these contribute to the biggest health threats we all face: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, osteoporosis, dementia and brain degeneration (including Alzheimer’s). Identification of heavy metals and mineral deficiencies in the body is serious. The Oligoscan provides critical information to reduce ongoing lifestyle risks, helps pinpoint target both diet and supplementation requirements, and dramatically supports faster healing processes in the body. What can be better than that?


The Oligoscan technology utilizes the science of spectrophotometry, an analytical methodology which measures the absorbance level or ‘optical density’ of a specific chemical or mineral substance. The technology is used in numerous scientific and industrial processes such as astrophysics, pharmacy, environmental analysis, chemical engineering, food processing and ingredient analysis fields. The basic principle is every type of compound, regardless if it is chemical or mineral based, absorbs, emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) over a specific range of wavelengths. The Oligoscan device is simply placed on the hand and receives and records vital information in a matter of seconds!


Contraindications include:

  • Psoriatic, eczema, or other rashes on the palm (fingers are OK)
  • Major scars or current wounds on the palm (fingers are OK)
  • Metal implants, pins, screws in the hand/palm (fingers are OK)
  • Children age 12 or younger

Precautions and Preparation:

You must know your blood type. If unsure, ask your doctor, or simply get an ‘ABO’ blood test performed. You can also find home finger stick blood type test kits online. Note: we do not perform in-office blood testing, so this information MUST be obtained prior to your first Oligoscan. All lotions must be cleaned off prior to an Oligoscan. If the hands are very cold, warm them up by rubbing together for a minute or so. Pacemakers, pregnancy, nursing, and any other body implants are perfectly fine and not contraindicated. Initial and follow-up ‘Oligoscan Only’ testing requires only a 15-minute appointment. Note: new patients require a longer initial appointment.


Finally there’s a  fast, non-invasive, convenient, and accurate test for minerals and heavy metals! Gone are the days of tedious and time-consuming heavy metal tests. Our clinic is one of the very few that offer this unrivaled service. Call us for more details at (408)358-2225.

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