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PEMF Therapy

What are Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields?


You’ve probably heard a lot about electromagnetic fields. The big one is the magnetic field around the Earth—the molten iron core spinning around establishes a magnetic field around the entire planet, which is great, because it keeps solar radiation from killing everything. It’s also how compasses work, and we know some animals can orient themselves by sensing it when navigating. It’s a pretty powerful thing.

Our bodies require clean air and oxygen, pure water, and food for fuel. After that, some would put the electromagnetic field of the Earth on the list. Pulse electromagnetism is something we need to survive, and studies have shown that separating plants and animals from it causes serious problems and eventually death.

Schumann resonances, or schumann waves, are a frequency emitted when the Earth interacts with lightning strikes. This perpetuates a wave in the magnetic field with a very specific frequency, which is 7.83 Hz. Getting in contact with these waves is very beneficial for the body.


Predictably, this is called Grounding or Earthing, and it’s something we’ve lost touch with. People spend most of their time indoors, and when they touch the ground it’s through shoes lined with polymers and rubbers which insulate and prevent contact. It’s a small change in lifestyle: just take your shoes off and walk in the grass. Sit on the ground to eat your lunch. People report really great benefits from it; they feel better. And studies have shown it improves blood oxygenation, increases serotonin, reduces pain, and helps people sleep better.

So how is that done? The easiest way is simply putting your bare feet and skin on the ground—grass, earth, sand, gravel, even cement will work if it isn’t painted or otherwise covered with a sealant. Asphalt doesn’t work, notably, due to the presence of insulating petrochemicals. But in general you just need to get in touch with the ground.

Clinical Application

Let’s say it’s freezing outside, or you have an infection on your foot, or a serious allergy—for whatever reason, going outside is off the table—now what? Well, there are tools for that. In our clinic, we use a pulse magnetic frequency mat or pillow that can be set to various different frequencies for numerous purposes or conditions. They’re extremely safe; the only people not recommended to use them are those with pacemakers, insulin pumps, cochlear implants, or women who are pregnant. We recommend the USA-made PMT-120 system, the same device found in hundreds of hospitals and clinics throughout the world. PEMF therapy was originally developed through collaboration between the Russian space program and NASA.

Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy devices like the PMT-120 take the beneficial mechanisms of standing on the Earth and kick them up a notch. They’re used a lot for bone healing and increasing bone density. In fact, some hospitals use more primitive versions for healing of traumatic bone breaks and non-healing fractures. They are called ‘bone stimulators’, not to be confused with simple TENS unit or muscle stimulation devices. In our clinic we find the technologically advanced PMT-120 system helpful for just about anything. One of the great effects is improved oxygenation of cells and tissues; basically it does this by increasing Transmembrane Potential, which is a charge or ‘voltage’ on the cell membrane. When the charge is low, the blood cells stick together and carry oxygen less efficiently.

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This has been shown in studies to create cellular waste, reduce energy, increase fatigue, and create pain. The PMT-120 device improves cell membrane charge, overall function and overall vitality!

This is great for a number of applications, including low energy, chronic pain, arthritis, disc degeneration, deep immune support, and injuries that are not healing including /bone/muscle/tendon/cartilage damage. It isn’t always a sole treatment, however if I was stranded on a desert island, this is one of the things I’d want with me. It’s just so beneficial and so safe for so many situations! Typical treatment sessions last 10-15 minutes. Simple conditions often require only 1-2 sessions. More complex and chronic conditions typically require more.

However, for more information and references on the amazing, high-powered PMT-120 system we use at the clinic that delivers unparalleled results, go to this secure, informative website. Click on ‘shop‘. Don’t worry, you’re not obligated to buy a thing, it’s just the section to enter to see all the technical information on health and healing devices.  There’s fantastic videos and interviews, as well as technical information and various uses. And yes, purchases can be made here on a variety of advanced health and healing devices and technology found nowhere else under one site.

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