Nitric Oxide Testing


What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide, or ‘NO’, is a gas consisting of one molecule of nitrogen bound to one molecule of oxygen. It was called the ‘Molecule of the Year’ by Science magazine in 1992, and three pharmacologists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1998.

What does it do?

NO is a ‘signaling molecule’ involved with cells in our immune function, cardiovascular system, brain, and every organ in the body. It helps regulate blood pressure, circulation, blood vessel health, and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell.


Where is it made?

The chief factory is our vascular endothelium (the innermost lining of our arteries). This lining is only one cell layer thick, but it produces the majority of our nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is found abundantly but is very unstable and short-lived, so it must be continually replenished.

Can my level be tested?

Since NO is short-lived, blood is not a reliable indicator, however the stable precursor, salivary nitrate, accurately measures our NO production and tissue levels. This is performed using *HumanN® Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips, *Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips, or *Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Designs For Health. 

What is an optimal reading?

The majority of the first 10 readings should read ‘optimal’ on the color scale. So if 7 or more out of 10 read as optimal, then you’re good. Less means you are ‘low’ or ‘depleted’ in NO production.

Why is NO often low?

Stress, toxins, nutrient deficiency, poor diet, infections, plaque, no exercise, and especially age. Studies show after age 40 we produce 50% less NO, and it gets worse every decade.  NO deficiency has been shown to contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, respiratory conditions, immune problems, brain fog, cold hands and feet, and much more.


What do I do if my tests reveal I’m low in NO?

Supplement with *Neo40 Pro lozenges made by HumanN, *Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Support caps or Vascanox HP caps as directed on the box or bottle. Each of these products have been shown to be equally effective at maintaining healthy NO levels. Re-test every month or so ongoing. Studies show exercise, red beets, celery, and dark green leafy greens help with NO levels, however the lozenges and caps have shown superior results for re-establishing normal levels. I recommend both the diet/exercise AND supplementation if you are age 40 or older.


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For more information, read the book: Functional Nitric Oxide Nutrition, by Nathan Bryan, PhD.

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