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Are you a 'NEW' Nutrition/Functional Medicine Patient?

Please fill out all forms #1 and 3 (see below) PRIOR to scheduling, they must be sent in and reviewed by the doctor. Our office will call or email you to schedule your initial appointment upon receiving the forms. For current/active patients, no forms are required, unless it's been over 5 years since your last appointment. In that case, your file is considered 'inactive', and filling out new forms are required.

For currently active Nutrition/Functional Medicine patients, you can also schedule your own appointment online through our website at the bottom of the 'Schedule Now' page, by clicking on the blue 'Book Now' button.

Are you a NEW Chiropractic Patient?

No forms needed prior to a chiropractic appointment, but please arrive 15 mins early to fill out the necessary forms.

As of July 1, 2023

Nutritional/Functional Medicine consults will be via ZOOM or PHONE

unless in-office testing is required. Follow up appointments will be a minimum of 45 minutes.

Thank you, HealthQuest

Please download and print the appropriate clinic forms related to your condition—all potential patients are required to complete the necessary forms prior to their first visit.

Ideally these should be completed a week or more before arriving at the office. This is a comprehensive evaluation of your personal lifestyle, diet, medical and dental history.

Other requirements: For Functional Medicine/Nutrition appointments, we require emailed copies of any recent (last 6 months) laboratory tests and imaging reports (x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, etc) if any were completed. We do not accept CDs.

NOTE: We do not print your lab or imaging tests at the clinic due to time constraints and high demand. Education is key here, so the more information we get before your appointment, the better.

By filling out our web forms ahead of time, it saves you time and money and allows me to efficiently review areas that may require greater attention. Please download and print the appropriate forms related to your condition/type of visit requested below. Once completed, email, or mail to the office so we can determine the time and type of visit needed.

Consultations are primarily an information gathering stage to help me design a custom program suited to your needs. These are done in person or by phone or Zoom. Phone or Zoom consultations are recommended for patients who live a distance from our clinic, for convenience, and for appointments when reviewing/discussing lab reports.

Consultations are primarily an information gathering stage to help me design a personalized program to suit your condition, goals, and needs.

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