Office Policy

Welcome! Please take the time to review the following office guidelines and policies so that we may better serve you. It will outline our terms for providing service and will help clarify any questions before making an appointment.

Functional Medicine Patient Preparation Guidelines

Energy & biological medicine assessment require restrictions of supplementation before the appointment. Do not take any supplements of any kind or any non-necessary medication for 24 hours before the visit. If you’re still uncertain, call your doctor.

In consideration for some of our chemical and environmentally-sensitive patients, please do not wear any perfume or cologne the day of your appointment.

Medical Records

Please have your latest lab (blood, etc.) as well as imaging studies if applicable (reports only, not the actual films) copied off and bring them with you or EMAIL them to us prior to the appointment. Make copies for yourself if needed beforehand, as the copies we obtain from you will be kept for our records. You may need to sign an ‘authorization to release medical records’ form at your doctor’s office. Enclosed is the form to be signed by you, if needed, and sent to your doctor’s office/imaging facility. Be sure to allow enough time to be able to have these in your possession before the appointment. This will greatly reduce delays and possibly your expense. All records, according to HIPAA regulations, will be strictly confidential.

Retail Sales & Product Shipping

Dr. Barsten often recommends nutritional products and remedies such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanicals, antioxidants and other natural remedies. These costs are not included in the evaluation or consultation fees. If refills are desired, we suggest using our website online Virtual Pharmacy (subject to availability). We make occasional exceptions and ship direct only on an individual basis. A $100 minimum order is required, plus shipping. Un-opened products (except homeopathics) that are returned within 30 days will be given a full refund.

No Show & Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of a 48-hour cancellation notice on all appointments of 1 hour or more, and a 24-hour notice on all shorter appointments. No shows or cancellations with less than this time will be charged 50% of regular appointment charge as a no-show fee. Our staff will attempt to remind you of your appointment if we are able, but it is your responsibility to remember.

Financial Arrangements

1. Office services are payable at the time of service. We accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and AMEX cards.

2. Phone or ZOOM consultations can be billed to your credit card. We can send you a statement describing the service/fees.

3. Supplements or products can be shipped and charged to your credit card as well. A minimum charge applies.

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