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This book is a guide to help you learn about what foods you should and should not be eating and the reason behind them. You will also receive some amazing recipes that I’m sure you’ll love. Checkout a sneak peak of the book below.
Chapter 5: Best Fats & Oils for Cooking

High heat: For frying, baking at 375 or higher, and broiling.

  1.  Coconut oil
  2.  Grapeseed oil

Moderate heat: For stir-fry, baking at 300 to 350, and sautéing.

  1.  Coconut oil
  2.  Grapeseed oil
  3.  Butter
  4.  Ghee (clarified butter – solids removed for higher heat tolerance)
  5.  Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

Low heat: For boiling, steaming, stir-frying on low with water

  1.  Extra virgin olive oil (EVO), plus any of the above.
  2.  Note: Olive oil is unstable at high heat and is easily damaged. Also, Quality olive oil should smell like olives!

No heat: Add to food after cooking, making dressings, sauces, etc.

  1.  Hemp oil
  2.  Flax oil
  3.  Sunflower or safflower oil (high-oleic is best)
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