Empowering you with tools for vibrant health!

Empowering you with tools for vibrant health!

Billing & Fees

The services provided are very reasonable and cost-effective in our system of health care, and if requested a receipt can be provided and, if appropriate for your condition, a claim form to submit to your insurance company to seek possible reimbursement. Dr. Barsten, DC is not an HMO member, so these will not cover services provided. Note that HealthQuest/Dr. Barsten does not bill any insurance, and is not able to provide services within the Medicare, MediCal, or Medicaid systems. HealthQuest/Dr. Barsten does not bill for workers compensation or personal injury claims due to auto collisions. This allows the consulting business to keep costs as low as possible and provide you with the highest quality care possible.

Chiropractic Patients - Initial examination

Follow-up visits range from $109-159, depending on the case.
Healing Modalities, if needed, may be extra (laser, taping, traction, LightMD, soft tissue therapy, etc.)

Orthopedic supplies (if needed) are extra. Example: rubber exercise tubing, lumbar, cervical, wrist & other supports.

Imaging (X-ray, CT, ultrasound and MRI) : If imaging is needed, a prescription can be provided for a variety of locations throughout the bay area, such as Valley Radiologists or others. The radiology report will be requested to be emailed or mailed to HealthQuest. The other option is take Dr. Barsten's RX form or recommendation to your primary care doctor to have the imaging ordered, then send a copy to HealthQuest via email. For privacy reasons, HealthQuest will not access your personal online medical  'portal', as this requires providing your login details.

Nutrition & Functional Medicine Patients

Initial evaluation & lab work

Dr. Barsten's initial 1, 1½, and 2 hour appointment rates are $400 per hour. Follow-up visits of 30-45 minutes are $295, and appointments of 45-60 minutes are $395. We no longer offer follow up appointments up to 30 minutes (as of July 1, 2023). Outside lab presriptions and/or kits are provided with no fees. Note: Due to legal and ethical reasons, prescribing lab tests or imaging is limited to established patients only.

Phone and ZOOM consultations are the same rate as above. Brief email questions are free, however if more time is required, and/or calls are on a frequent basis, a phone or Zoom consultation is recommended so as to better address concerns, and not ‘piece together’ important information.

Insurance Billing

HealthQuest does not bill any insurance. However upon request a universal claim form can be provided that you may submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement, which depends on your individual policy. If questions, it is recommended to  verify with your insurance provider.

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