Sauna Therapy


I'm frequently asked questions about dry saunas. Also known as infrared saunas. Do I recommend them? How often should I use it? What are they for? What do they do? What are the best saunas, and why?
So I finally decided to put this is writing with useful information and options. To start, a proper dry infrared (IR) sauna  should be on everyone's list. If you already have the right kind, USE IT. In today's world, I believe it's simply the best health investment appliance you will ever buy (for those who know how passionate I am about my juicer and my vitamix, that's a BIG statement). I recommend them? The answer is obviously yes. But why? Here's just a few of the numerous benefits that have been clinically researched and proven is studies:
*Cellular purification, cleansing, and detoxification - This is critical for anyone's long-term health, and the right kind of sauna is at the top of the effective tools list for this. To do this, the sauna must have the correct infrared (IR) wavelengths of light/energy to penetrate tissues and cells, where toxins hang out. This includes nerves, bones, organs, glands, muscle, fat, lymphatics, and connective tissue. This has been well-studied. 
*Supports immune function - The heat creates 'heat shock proteins' in our body which help our immune system identify unwanted cells and debris, and the body clears them out. There are studies showing that it also increases our white blood cell count and motility with consistent use, but won't over-produce (think of what a fever can do).
*May help high blood pressure - The right IR sauna can help produce nitric oxide (NO), the 'miracle molecule' that vasodilates, helps immunity, coordinates cellular communication, and many other functions. The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to the docs who discovered this molecule in 1998. It's a much bigger subject than we can discuss in a newsletter. I suggest a google search for more info. 
*Insomnia - Thousands of people over the years have reported insomnia relief after regular use. There are many mechanisms that play a role here as well. Most people find that it just helps them to relax.
*Improved skin appearance and elasticity -  This may be due to any or all of the aforementioned benefits. Many people notice a need for less moisturizer, less acne, reduced rashes, improved tone, and many report a reduction is brown or discolored/aging spots over time.
*Weight loss - This is no phony baloney. The company I recommend has a clinical published study showing body composition benefits. Not just water loss!
*Injury recovery - In parts of northern Europe, this is common knowledge. The list goes, on, but you can see why I'm a huge fan of the right IR sauna.
Note: Always check with your doctor first if you have low blood pressure, taking prescription medicines, or are concerned about heat. Not suited for infants, toddlers, pregnant or nursing women.
There are many companies touting their sauna is superior to others, but few meet the strict criteria important for health and longevity. I've used many, and regretted it. These are the questions to ask before buying an IR sauna:

Does it shield against harmful EMF? Can they independently prove it?
What type of materials are used for construction? Are they natural?
Are they made using toxic glues and adhesives?
Do they offer color light therapy?
Do they have an integrated sound system?
How long have they been in business?
What is their warranty?
What is the return policy?
How many models do they offer?
What is the source of their IR (or near IR)?
Is there a single person, portable option?
Do they have widespread and positive testimonials?
Do they have peer-reviewed, published studies using their own saunas?
Are any used in medical clinics or spas?

Currently, the ONLY sauna I recommend is made by Sunlighten. Why? They meet and EXCEED every single criterion on my list, and their customer service is beyond spectacular. From a clinician perspective, their quality is uncommon in the industry, and they don't outgas any funky smells. In short, they are the REAL DEAL.
My favorite recommendation single person model is their portable SOLO model (see top photo for example). It's small enough for anybody who does not have sufficient space where they live, or just want it kept out of plain sight. Made from all natural materials (bamboo carbon). Great for those who are a bit claustrophobic, or don't like heat. The top shell can slide down and expose less body part if needed. However most people find they become quite comfortable and acclimated after a few weeks of use and LOVE it. Oh yeah, and the color therapy function is surprisingly really nice. Otherwise, any of their larger, natural wood cabin-type models are perfect for 2 or more people. How long should the sessions be? As with anything new, always start low and see if you can ramp up the duration over time. Listen to your body, and don't overdo it your first week or two. This is a lifetime tool. More information can be found here.

No, I'm not a salesperson, and I don't work for the company. However, I've negotiated an affiliate discount with Sunlighten. All my viewers receive a $100 discount on the Solo model, and a $200 discount on all cabin models, PLUS free shipping (normally $249 for Solo, and $598 for cabin models). Quite the deal for those who place health as a top priority. Terms may change periodically. Use the link here.

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