The Pathogen Purge

The Pathogen Purge*


Most of us carry silent (stealth) organisms in our body, including viruses, parasites, candida, bacteria, and mycoplasma. Studies show many of our chronic diseases are initiated by chronic, low-level infection that are difficult to find using conventional tests. Often hidden from our immune system in ‘biofilms’ (polysaccharide coverings), they disrupt our metabolism and can manifest years later as mysterious symptoms.

This system clears the blood, lymph, extracellular matrix (mesenchyme) and intracellular spaces of unwanted hosts, and generally reduces pathogen load. It uproots difficult to access hiding places, literally ‘sweeping the body’, breaking up resistant biofilms which bugs use for evasion.


A Superior Approach


1) Powerful, time-tested botanicals & enzymes.

2) Lab-verified nutritional products

3) Effective clinical results for over a decade

4) Broad-spectrum against virus, candida, parasite, bacteria, mycoplasma

5) Comprehensive: clears biofilms, bio-toxins, lymph; destroys pathogens

6) Safe for our beneficial bacteria (the microbiome)


Got Symptoms?


·      Stiff, painful joints

·      Low energy

·      Autoimmune diagnosis

·      Frequent infections

·      Skin rashes or allergies

·      Chronic gut symptoms

·      Brain fog

·      Poor sleep

·      Headaches


If you have any of these or other symptoms, the Pathogen Purge may help.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Targeted Nutrition

Addresses The 3 Main Problems – Destroy Bugs, Break Biofilms, Bind Waste Products


1) MicroDefense w/Oregano. General use: take 2 caps, 3x/day with food. Stronger: 3 caps, 3x/day.

Broad antimicrobial (bacteria, fungus, parasites). Take 10 days on, a 5-day break, then repeat. Online pharmacy search code: MICR8.

2) Liposomal Cats Claw. General use: 4 pumps, 2x/day. Stronger: 8 pumps, 2x/day for 2 bottles. This is a powerful anti-viral. Hold for 30+ seconds under tongue before swallowing to aid absorption! Online pharmacy search code: D05204.

3) Systemic Enzyme Complex. General use: 3 caps, 1x/ day. Stronger: 6 caps, 1x/day. Take on empty stomach (30+ minutes before OR 2 hours after food). Breaks up biofilms, anti-inflammatory. Online pharmacy search code: SYST5.

4) G.I. Detox+. General use: 2 caps, 1x/day. Take 30+ mins. before or 2+ hrs. after dinner. Binds endotoxic waste produced from dying pathogens, which otherwise recirculate back into blood. Obline pharmacy search code: GIDET.


NOTE: Products are available on our web pharmacy at 20% discount. For severe or chronic cases, try our MediHerb Pathogen Purge protocol. Ask us for info.


Food & Diet Guidelines


See my website article, Food for A Healthy Life under the Learning Center. Avoid all gluten, dairy, and eggs, as they feed all forms of pathogens.




For systemic issues, use Castor Oil Packs. Alternate days between the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and upper chest. Use for 1 hr. per session. For more details, see our web article.



Q: Any contraindications?

A: Certain blood thinning drugs (Coumadin/WarfarinÒ), nursing, and pregnancy.


Q: Can there be a ‘detox’ reaction? (headaches, fatigue, aches, gut upset, rash)

A: Occasionally. If this happens, stop everything for 2 days, then start again at half dose. Ramp back up if tolerated.


Q: If I have trouble with pills, are there any alternatives?

A: Yes! Use Biocidin LSF. General use: 4 pumps, am & pm. Stronger: 8 pumps, am & pm. Hold under tongue for 30+ seconds prior to swallowing. Empty the G. I. Detox+ caps and pour into 1 Tbsp. unsweetened applesauce.


Q: Can I take this for colds and flu?

A: Yes, however our Flu Solution kit is better in these cases. Pathogen Purge is best for chronic conditions, infections of unknown origin, and general infection purposes.


Q: Can I repeat the Pathogen Purge? How long does the purge last?

A: Yes! If symptoms or lab tests clear, no repeat is needed. However, 2X a year is best! Purge is about 4 weeks.


Q: What else can I do if symptoms remain?

A: Try another another round of the Pathogen Purge. There may be other issues involved. Food allergies, gut permeability, stress, liver congestion, or toxic metals. We offer testing for all, however it may require a consultation with Dr. Barsten. Alternatively, try our Total Liver Purification or Total Cell Detox kits first.