Cell Membrane Repair Protocol
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Cell Membrane Repair Protocol**

The cell membrane is considered one of the most vital structures in your body. It allows transportation of nutrients into cells and eliminates toxins. It’s crucial for signaling to neighboring cells and tissues, and feedback to the brain.

Molecules introduced to the membrane are rejected or escorted inside,depending if receptors (kind of like a baseball glove) deem them helpful or not. Receptor health is dependent on membrane health. A healthy cell membrane is soft and fluid-like, but if it becomes rigid or hard, our cells get damaged and age quickly. Also, it’s nearly impossible to adequately detoxify with weak or damaged membranes! The bottom line: healthy cell membranes = healthy receptors = better health and vitality. Period. BIA technology (see www.rjlsystems.com) is an easy, non-invasive way to check the health of our cell membranes. The technical term is called ‘phase angle’ for research purposes. Healthy cell membranes look like a sandwich, with the ‘bread’ composed of generous amounts of unrefined omega 3 and 6 fats, and the filling made of phospholipids (mainly phosphatidyl choline). Most people could use an ‘oil change’, which can take 12 months or longer depending on your age, digestion health, toxic load, diet, and hydration. Consume at least one or more from each fat source below. Along with proper hydration and detoxification, here’s how to repair your cell membranes:

Omega-3 fats: organic milled flaxseeds (2 Tbsp - Barlean's is best brand, at health food store. Put into any mushy food or shake. Chia seeds (1 Tbsp - no need to grind), wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, anchovies. Can be ordered through my website Virtual Pharmacy at 20% off, and delivers rapid results.  Want capsules instead? Use the magnificent *SunWarrior Omega-3 Vegan DHA & EPA caps, or NOW Krill Oil caps. *Best supplement choice. 

Omega-6 fats: Go lower on this one as it can be a double-edged sword and contribute to inflammation and oxidative stress (free radical damage). Use small amounts of raw, organic nuts and seeds: macademia, pumpkin, walnut, cashew, sesame, hemp. Avocado, minor amounts of organic wild rice or organic quinoa. Want capsules instead? Use the magnificent *SunWarrior Omega-3 Vegan DHA & EPA caps, or NOW Krill Oil caps.  

Phospholipids: Soaked raw nuts and seeds. Do NOT eat eggs (normally a good source of phospholipids) if you have any autoimmune condition, fibromyalgia, cancer, or any chronic virus or infection. BodyBio PC liquid (1-2 tsp/day) or *Membrane Mend liquid. Take as directed on bottle. Avoid processed, trans, and fried fats.  Although both products are superior for phospholipid membrane regeneration, both are not needed. If you only chose one product for membrane healing, the *Membrane Mend liquid is the fastest, most efficient product form membrane regeneration.

* Best supplement choice. All are available on my website pharmacy at 20% off!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Cell membrane repair & rejuvenation typically requires at least 6 months using BOTH diet AND supplementation. Diet alone can take 2 years or more for significant improvement. Using targeted nutritional supplementation with unrefined, parent chain omega-3 fat (alpha linolenic acid - also known as 'ALA') and very small amounts of unprocessed parent chain omega-6 fat (linoleic acid - also known as LA), and phosphatidyl choline, as described above is much faster and efficient, especially if you're not highly-committed to a nearly perfect diet. If your urine OMX organic acids test (for DNA oxidative damage), Neurotoxic Questionnaire, and/or Visual Contrast Sensitivity test (VCS) doesn’t improve in 6 months, toxins are the problem and the body needs true cellular detoxification. Once all test values are normal, a continued diet high in the above foods and a focus on a whole foods plant based diet (see my web article 'Food For a Healthy Life') will maintain healthy cell membranes, and the supplements are no longer needed. Most cases also require targeted cell detoxification. Ask us for details and the protocol.

Remember that hydration with at least 4-6 glasses of purified water is essential. Proper cell detoxification can be critical for many people, and prevent membrane change and damage.

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References: The Detoxx Book, Patricia Kane, PhD. The Cholesterol Hoax, by Sherry Rogers,MD.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.