Dry Skin Brushing


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Dry skin brushing is an ancient natural method to assist cleansing and detoxification of the kidneys, lymph system, and skin. The skin is often referred to as our “third kidney”, as it’s a major organ that eliminate toxins, but is especially important for our lymphatic system to drain cellular and interstitial (between cells) waste. It’s an easy self-performed technique done at home, and takes less than a 2-3 minutes to do the whole body.

It’s important to buy a natural bristle brush (gentler on the skin than synthetic ones), with a long handle, which make it easier to reach behind the back, and requires less bending over when brushing your feet and lower legs. However, any brush will do that’s not too rough.


  • Always brush towards the heart direction
  • Use at least a few strokes per area
  • Use enough pressure for the skin turn a very mild pink when done. Don’t overdo it
  • Don’t brush over cuts, scabs, infections, catheters or ports, sunburn, stitches, or any other sensitive skin area.
  • Start at your feet and brush upwards toward the knees. Make sure to stroke upwards on all areas (front, side, behind). Then from knees to hips and buttocks, then toward the upper mid/left chest (heart region). Make sure to cover the torso sides, abdomen, and back (here’s where the long handle helps!). Next, start at the hands and stroke toward the elbows, then from elbows to shoulders. Again, cover outside and inner arms all the way to armpit. Finish by gently brushing the neck (all sides) down toward the heart.
  • You can start either at hands or feet, it’s not important. Just stroke toward the heart direction
  • Dry brushing is best done before bathing. It can be done twice weekly or even daily

If the skin becomes irritated after some time, it means you’ve used too much pressure, or need to take a week or so off. Remember, be gentle!