Coffee Enema Procedure



Ingredients Needed: Typical Foundation Formula

½ quart (about 16 oz or 2 cups) - Purified water (not tap water) –for heating ½ quart (about 16 oz) - Purified water for cooling the heated water

2 Tablespoons - Organic coffee (whole coffee beans)


Other Items

Enema bag. Use a large volume, disposable type. These can be found through avariety of online sources.

Old towels (to use when kneeling/laying on the floor); don’t use good towels as coffee stains



1) Grind Coffee Beans. Fresh-grind the coffee beans to a powder. DON’T do this ahead of time so you get the most active phytonutrients from coffee. Pre-ground coffee is not to be used!

2) Simmer Ground Coffee Beans for 5 Minutes. Add the freshly ground coffee to ½ quart of water and bring to simmer (small, rolling bubbles) for about 5 minutes. Turn off heat.

3) Let Sit for 5 Minutes.

4) Strain Mixture. Strain the coffee with a fine metal strainer to remove any large particles that could clog the enema tube.

5) Add Cool Water to Mixture. Add the ½ quart of room temperature water to the hot coffee mixture – then pour into enema bag. The idea is to cool the hot coffee mixture to a ‘gentle warm to the touch’ temperature. Too hot can damage, and if cold, it can cause cramping.

6) Take Enema. Although not necessary, a good time is after bowel elimination. The best place is on the floor in the bathroom, somewhat near the toilet. Lay a large towel down. Good positions are either on your knees with head down, or lie on your side. The enema bag should be elevated about 2-4 feet off the ground, hung on a towel rack or shower curtain.


Remove enema tip cover and gently insert nozzle into rectum about 3 to 5 inches. Go slowly and do not force it. If you feel resistance, back it out slowly and retry at slightly different angle. Once inserted, slowly release contents by using white control clasp. You may have sensation of warm liquid gurgling or flowing into the colon. If flow seems too fast, close clamp, wait a minute, then release again. Try to take about ½ the liquid into the bowels; then hold for 10 minutes before expelling. During this time, you can close the clamp, remove from the rectum, lay on side and read or just relax. After expelling, take in the second ½ quart and repeat. You’re done!


Initially, you may not be able to hold ½ contents, or hold it the full 10 minutes. Later, after several enemas and toxic elimination, it will be easier to hold longer. Just hold ¼ contents or so, and if nature calls, even if after a minute or two, expel and repeat.


7) Best Enema Time. During the day before 8pm. It can help to be near a toilet if some liquid needs to be expelled. This is not uncommon, as the enema liquid can reach high in the colon and take longer to be expelled. Drink plenty of pure water after the enema to re-hydrate.


Special Notes

Some may initially experience slight nausea due to release of stagnant toxins. Over time, this clears and should not discourage you from the enema. The number of coffee enemas varies by person and condition, but generally a ‘series’ is best to fully clear the system: 2 per week for 4 weeks; then 1 per week for 4 weeks. This is a highly efficient method to eliminate stubborn toxins.