Neurolymphatic Reflex Point Therapy

Neuro Lymphatic Reflex Point Therapy

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Neuro lymphatic massage is a simple system of manual manipulation (done with your fingertips) of specific lymph reflex points on the body. For the most part, these points run down each side of the spine and chest/abdomen in the fascia. When congested, they tend to be sore/tender when stimulated.   Massaging these points neurologically stimulates lymph drainage in the body, and their associated organs and glands. They are similar to the circuit breakers for the body's lymph and immune system. These points were originally discovered and researched by osteopathic physician Frank Chapman, D.O.   Down the Front - Start at the top of the upper ribs/sternum and massage each point for 20 seconds in a circular motion. Work down the sternum, in between the ribs (where they meet the sternum), then work the points adjacent to the navel, then finally on the pubic bone.

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Down the Back - Start at the top of the spine at the base of the skull and massage each point for 20 seconds in a circular motion. Work down the spine to the tailbone. The points are located every 2", or where the ribs come in and join the spine, which is about 1" lateral to each side of the spine. *NOTE: If you are not sure where the exact point locations are, it's OK! Every 2" is fine. You're looking for the harder, thicker areas - like when you have a stiff neck or tight shoulder, and/or tenderness. The points are massaged firmly with fingers, but don't overdo it! If they are sore the next day, take a day or two off, then try again more gently. Pay attention to your body's response. Inside & Outside of Thighs - Massage along the outer and inner sides of each upper leg (thigh) down to the knees. Rub with heel of the hand (outer thighs can be done using a foam roller if preferred) for 20 seconds for each reflex strip. Some people enjoy the benefits of massaging these important reflex points daily if there is an acute condition or want maximum lymphatic benefits. However many people find the system works just fine if massaged a couple times a week. Great to do this long-term as a gentle body therapy. Recommended reading: Touch For Health by John Thie & Matthew Thie (ISBN 087516871X) Copyright 2017 by HealthQuest.