Parasite Protocol

The Parasite Protocol* (for elimination of unwanted hosts)

In 27 years of clinical practice I have seen, tested, or researched almost every conceivable parasitic infection and treatment. Some treatments work, while others do nothing. Most programs are not effective at totally eliminating the problem due to: A) Poor quality anti-parasitic products. B)Lack of addressing resistant hiding areas in the body (gallbladder, spleen, brain). C) Insufficient length of treatment D) Failure to address an ongoing source of infection or transmission. My anti-parasitic protocol addresses all 4 key components, and can also be performed safely once a year to maintain a parasite-free body. It consists of the following: 1)    Microdefense capsules (code: MICR8), or Wormwood Complex tablets. Dosage varies from 2 to 4 caps, 3x/day, but usual is 3 caps, 3x/day.  If needed, start low then ramp up. Best taken on an empty stomach (20-30 mins before or 2 hours after food), or simply take after meals if you have sensitive digestion. Take 10 days on, then 5 days off, then 10 days on again, and repeat for 60-90 days. This eliminates both cyst and fully mature lifecycles of the organisims. 2)    Perform a coffee enema and/or apply a castor oil pack to the liver/gallbladder and intestinal region. Enemas flush out toxic hiding areas of congested bile and are best done twice weekly for 1 hour the first 3 weeks; castor oil packs move stagnant lymph/blood/infection fighters in areas. After protocol is completed, consider liver-gallbladder flushes. See our separate protocol sheets for flushes and castor packs. Enema instructions can be found online. 3)    While on the protocol avoid sushi, lightly cooked meats, all beef, lamb, and pork; sugar, fried and greasy food; eating extra 3-4 fresh figs also helps, and also 1-2 cloves of raw garlic (if you tolerate it); don’t kiss your pets or let them on your bed; wash all underwear and sheets in OxiClean® detergent; disinfect toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide; take a digestive enzyme at every meal like **Digestive Enzymes Ultra® (code: DIG33), or 1-2 capsules of **Betaine HCL Pepsin (code: BET15). Make sure to have at least 1-2 good bowel movements daily and drink 6-8 glasses of water!    

  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Note: if you see blood in stool or a worsening of symptoms, see an MD. Consider a comprehensive and microbial stool analysis (see  
Good Health! Dr. Greg