Smoothie Recipes
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Smoothie Recipes

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Nutritional smoothies havelong been a favorite recommendation of mine. They’re quick and simple, easy to digest, can be very tasty. Use superior ingredients to pack a huge amount of nutrition into a single serving or meal.

There is no other single food or menu item that's so personalized as a nutrient-dense smoothie. My smoothie guide is based on over 30 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients from all populations. The simple fact is these have something for everyone. Most important is the starting ingredients. Never sacrifice your quality.

Here's my guidelines with specific companies and brands. Our web Virtual Pharmacy, is a fast, secure, and inexpensive option for ordering, with over 400 brands at a 20% discount. For details see our web article, Virtual Pharmacy Products & Ordering, found under our Learning Center. If you don't make smoothies, relax. All you need is a blender and 3 minutes. Soon they'll become a favorite meal, and the healthiest. Feel free to change up the ingredients, and have fun!

Smoothie Guidelines & Ingredients

1) Protein. (This is totally optional)

The best protein powder, in my opinion, is the Dairy Free protein powder made from: organic pea, organic hemp, and organic goji berries called ‘Warrior Blend’ made by Sun Warrior, which blends well into most ingredients. Use 1 scoop per smoothie. Don't want protein powder? Use hemp seeds! Use fresh, organic hemp seeds sold in sealed pouches or cans. Use 1 Tbsp per smoothie. Optional: organic chia or organic ground flaxseeds.

Note: ALL DAIRY products have inherent lymph-congesting effects. Don't use dairy products if you have cancer or any chronic immune condition. Instead, use the Warrior Blend, described above.

2) Green Superfood. 1 scoop per smoothie.

There's many ‘green’ powders available, butNanoGreens 10®’ is superior due to the liposomal technology. Use 1 scoop per smoothie. Another option is Hawaiian spirulina powder. Other brands are often contaminated or low in phycocyanin, an important healing plant pigment. Use Spirulina Pacifica Hawaiian. Great if you have a heavy metal load or toxicity. Be careful of the amount used. Many people don't like the taste if you use too much. Try one half teaspoon per smoothie which gives it a deep green color without any yucky taste!

Optional: Got a tight budget? Use a couple handfuls of fresh spinach instead. Spinach has the least bitter taste of all the greens.

3) Fruit.Use 1 - 2 cups (or more, depending on your preference).

Berries rule! Fresh or frozen will work. They’re low in sugar and loaded with antioxidants. WILD blueberries have up to 10 times more flavonoids and healing properties than non-wild versions. Typically found in frozen food sections at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc. Fresh raspberries and dried goji berries are great too. Dried form in sealed bags. Consider soaking them for an hour beforehand if you have the time. Banana or mango are good choices too. Frozen fruit disguises unpleasant tastes. If you prefer less chill, take frozen berries out the night before to thaw, then use in AM. Optional: NanoReds® powder at 1 scoop. This stuff contains a packed array of flavonoids, polyphenols, and plant pigments. Great anti-aging support that tastes great too.

4) Liquid. Use 2 cups (or more, depending on your preference).

Organic, unsweetened almond, coconut, hemp, cashew, or oat milks. Coconut water is great too, just make sure whatever brand you buy says 'not from concentrate'. Available at most health food stores. Buy brands without carageenan, a known gastric irritant. Otherwise, pure water is totally fine!

5) Flavor Helpers. These are totally optional. Experiment and find one you like.

  •  Stevia: amount depending on your preference
  • Xylitol: use 1/2 teaspoon
  • Raw Manuka honey (1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon) is also a good choice. Look for a high 'bio-active' number on the label for major healing properties (unlike regular honey). The higher the number, the more healing properties (and cost). Our Virtual Pharmacy has a '250' bioactive honey that's cheaper than most health food store versions. Diabetics: eliminate this.

6) Calorie Enhancers & Weight Gain Support. (optional) Choose one or more. For cancer concerns, focus on MCT oil, flax, avocado, and almond butter.

  • L-Glutamine powder: 3,000mg/smoothie. Helps keep lean mass, spare muscle wasting. Good for sugar cravings.
  • Organic almond or halvah butter: 1-2 tablespoons (other raw nut butters work good too, but NO PEANUT BUTTER (aflatoxins).
  • Organic non-dairy yogurt: half a cup. (almond, coconut, or cashew)
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil  1-2 tablespoons.
  • Described above (flax, chia, hemp seeds) 1-2 tablespoon of each. Reduce if excessive gas develops
  • Organic virgin coconut oil (1 tablespoon) - lots of good brands.
  • Avocado - use a half avocado per smoothie. Tastes great!

7) Immune Support. Choose one or more.

  • *Liposomal ADK. 10-20 drops, depending on your blood test values. Pharmacy out of stock option: ADK caps. Open up contents of capsule and pour into smoothie.
  • *CoCurcumin powder. 1 teaspoon. Some cases require 1 tsp, 2x/day. Pharmacy out of stock option: Turmeric Boost (1 tsp) or open contents of 2 caps of Curcumasorb and empty into your shake.
  • NanoReds. 1 scoop. Loaded with flavonoids. Tastes great!
  • *Mushroom Master Blend. This is a high-potency medicinal mushroom blend. Take 2 heaping scoops/day. Pharmacy out of stock option: MycoPhyto Complex. Take same amount.
  • PectaSol powder. Take as directed on bottle (with water or juice only, prefer on empty stomach).
*Top choices

10) Other Options.

Organic cinnamon, curcumin or turmeric, ginger or nutmeg: 1- 2 teaspoons of any or all for warmth and digestion. These also help to reduce the cold or yin nature (Chinese medicine) and are especially good for the colder months of the year.