TH Pro Wellness Device


We find this technology extremely effective for anxiety, restlessness, fear, agitation, and especially insomnia if used within 30-60 minutes before bed. It’s a wonderful device to assist overall body regulation, relaxation, and immune balance. It’s easy to use and very safe.

The Truly Heal Pro is an iPod-like delivery system, a headset and glasses with built in LED panels.  It is sophisticated yet simple to operate, portable, and proven with over 6,000 people enjoying and benefiting from the Truly Heal Pro Experience.

The program on the device begins by creating a frequency background that’s in sync with your current brain frequency state.  This allows your brain to easily link with the TH Pro frequency and harmonize with subsequent frequency changes.

Slowly but surely the Program frequency slows, and your mind typically moves from a wide-awake state, past daydreaming, to the wonderful world of theta.  It’s here that you experience the remarkable program that you’ve chosen for yourself.  Near the end of the program, the frequency is designed to gently move your mind back to the place where you started, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated, essentially the same as if you just had a two- hour nap.

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