The 1 Minute Toxicity Survey

The 1 Minute Toxicity Survey

The following signs, symptoms and information are associated with possible toxicity in the body. Answer every question as honestly as you can. Check your score after completion.

Scoring Point Scale:

0 = never or almost never          1 = occasionally         2 = frequently         3 =almost always or always

___ headaches
___ migraines
___ dark circles or bags under eyes
___ chronic sinus infections
___ watery, itchy or burning eyes
___ itchy skin or unexplained rashes
___ chronic cough or chest infections
___ coating on tongue
___ constipation
___ flatulence/passing lots of gas
___ foul smelling stools
___ greasy or lightNcolored stools
___ low tolerance to alcohol
___ sensitive to chemicals, odors or fragrances
___ insomnia
___ unable to lose weight
___ are you taking hormones?

___ poor concentration/memory
___ brain ‘fogginess’/fuzzy thinking
___ unable to lose weight
___ sugar or sweet cravings
___ react to caffeinated beverages
___ loss of head or eyebrow hair
___ cold hands and feet
___ muscle or joint pains/weakness
___ general fatigue/low energy
___ depressed or sad for no reason
___ do you eat deep fried foods?
___ do you consume alcohol?
___ do you drink sodas/soft drinks?
___ do you drink coffee (non-organic)?
___ do you drink tap water?
___ do you eat conventional produce?
___ do you eat convention dairy & meat?

Total Score:

0-2 = litte to no toxicity         3-5 = moderate toxicity          6 and higher = significant toxicity

*If you scored 3 or higher, consider a gentle detoxification program as described in our Cleansing & Detoxification article. Products are available through our virtual pharmacy (see the article for ordering information). Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any cleansing program, as detoxification may affect prescription medicine metabolism.