The 28-Day Healing Cleanse

The 28-Day Healing Cleanse*

fruits and veggies 

This cleanse was adopted from the best-selling book Medical Medium, by Anthony William.

The bottom line here is for four weeks, eat only raw fruits and vegetables. Best results are obtained if you follow the plan the entire duration, however even one week has benefits. If this feels like too much for you, another option is 1-2 ‘cleanse days’ per week. Reasons this cleanse is so effective?  Raw fruits and veggies have the highest nutrition, live enzyme, antioxidant, and beneficial bacteria content of all foods. These foods are the real powerhouses for cleansing and strengthening every cell in the body. It also balances minerals, alkalizes, and nourishes the vital detox systems; kidneys, lymph, liver, and bowel. So, for the next 4 weeks, eat the most healing foods on the planet. Aim for 100% organic if possible, limit salt intake (maybe just a sprinkle of Himalayanpink salt), drink plenty of water, non-caffeinated herb teas, or coconut water. If you are taking necessary supplements or medication, take them as well.

Early AM

A cleansing beverage consisting of: celery juice, cucumber juice, lemon water, coconut water with Hawaiian spirulina, herbal tea, or barley grass juice powder with water. If time is limited, skip this and drink a 12oz glass of water.



Make a fruit smoothie. Consider 3 bananas, 2 dates, and 1 cup of berries with enough water to desired consistency. Papayas and mangoes may also be used. If you’re still not full, have more fruit. Stay fed! Other smoothie ingredients can include a handful of spinach or cilantro, a couple stalks of celery, or barley grass juice powder. Fruit still needs to be the main ingredient. A great option is our DetoxDrink! See our website article for recipe and more information on that. Any high-speed blender will work, such as a Vitamix, Nutribullet, Ninja, or anything similar. Standard blenders can be OK for bananas and berries, but are typically not sufficient to liquefy foods like vegetables or dates.



Make another fruit smoothie, as described above. If you are short on time, make enough for 2 large servings earlier in the morning, and have the second serving now.



A salad with spinach, lettuce, and cucumbers, plus add fruits of your choice. Options include berries, grapes, orange or grapefruit wedges, or sliced mangoes. Make this a LARGE salad, so eat enough to be full. Other additions might include sprouts, chopped cabbage, celery, and scallions. Dressing: blend ½ avocado, a handful of cilantro, and juice from 2 oranges (you may add fresh garlic or ginger for extra tasteif desired). Optional dressing: mash up 1 avocado and sprinkle the whole thing with lime juice.




If you get hungry during the afternoon, snack on fruits. Examples include dates, apple or pear slices, grapes, and oranges. You may also add in celery sticks with the fruit if you want.


Spinach soup. Use 2 bunches of spinach, 3 medium-to-large tomatoes (or same amount of cherry tomatoes), the juice from 1 orange, 1 stalk of celery, a handful of cilantro, and 1 clove of garlic (optional) in a high-speed blender. Add other fresh herbs if desired. Try blending tomatoes and orange juice first, then add other ingredients. Garnish with sprouts, herbs, chopped dulse, or scallions.

Consider serving the soup over fresh cucumber noodles, which you can make with a julienne slicer or similar kitchen slicer unit. It’s fun to make raw veggies into these type ‘noodles’. During the cleanse, only use cucumber for this type of noodle.

Late Evening

If you get hungry after dinner, snack on an apple and a date.


You’re not limited to this specific menu. Options include changing lunch for dinner, or eat 2 salads each day instead of one, or even a smoothie for dinner. Change up the types of salad and soup greens if you want. And don’t worry about the so-called concern with lots of raw greens, this is just misinformation (unless you’re taking a prescription blood thinning drug, in which case this cleanse is not suited for you). It’s also OK to eat one meal entirely from one fruit if you choose. If you experience blood sugar problems, it means you’re not snacking enough. Aim for every 1-2 hours if this is an issue for you.

IMPORTANT: If you have a very fast metabolism, and you remain hungry after a few days, in spite of eating the foods listed regularly throughout each day, consider adding 1-2 cups of steamed or baked squash like zucchini, winter squash, crook neck, butternut, or acorn. Or if you prefer, try 1/2 of a steamed or baked potato. The healthiest are sweet or purple potato, but even white varieties are OK. Just make sure that you eat the squash or potato plain, without anything on it. If you have not had any during the day, it's OK to add 1/4 of an avocado on top for extra calories.

Other Choices/Options


  • Grind up apples with cauliflower, or apples and cabbage.
  • Mango salsa! Chop mangoes, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, cilantro and garlic in food processor. Serve in cucumber boats, lettuce wraps, cabbage leaf, or over greens.
  • Gut problems? Try plain celery juice at least 1-2 x a day, or put all fruit and veggies in a food processor to reduce bulky fiber and start the digestion process.
  • Too strong of a program for you? Consider dialing it down a notch by eating steamed veggies for dinner (see above), or a home made veggie soup, but no salt, fats or oils of any kind.


Final points

Remember the big picture is raw fruits and veggies. Period. Good luck and start healing!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.