The Master Cleanse
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The Master Cleanse

Lemon-Maple Syrup-Cayenne (LMC) Drink

This is a form of cleansing that shares some properties of fasting. Think of it as a modified fast, as this is the only consumed food or beverage (extra water is OK). Many people feel energized and light, while others may feel sluggish and weak while cleansing. Avoiding solid foods for short periods can be very rejuvenating for the body and digestive systems*. Suggested duration is for 1 or 2 days. May be repeated once a month if desired for continued cleansing.

To make this, take 1 gallon of pure water and add the fresh squeezed juice of two whole lemons, 1-3 tbsp. of organic maple syrup (depending on how sweet you prefer it) and a pinch of cayenne pepper (or ginger powder). Mix well and drink throughout the day, but finish the bottle each day!

Note: For even deeper cleansing, consider taking 2 consecutive days out of each month ofusing only the LMC drink, and GI Fortify powder (from our Virtual Pharmacy, use code: GIFOR, code: GIFORCA if a California resident). Be sure to sip the LMC drink often if you feel weak or hypoglycemic. If this feeling remains after an hour, discontinue and eat a piece of whole fruit or some vegetables, then add in ½ cup of cooked brown rice or other whole grain. You are not restricted to 1 gallon a day if you feel you need more, but keep the basic ratio of the formula the same. Caution: not to be used by diabetics, pregnant or nursing women.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.