Skin Health Protocol

Skin Health Protocol*

Do you have skin concerns?

• Premature wrinkles or thinning skin
• Sagging or crepe-looking skin
• Brown spots
• Red patches/broken blood vessels (micro-hemorrhages) on hands or forearms
• Slow cut or wound healing

A Real Problem

It’s NOT just age and our genes! Although these play a role is skin health, our skin reflects our internal health. Botox and fillers may work only temporarily for wrinkles, and the billion-dollar skin market is filled with worthless ‘remedies, lotions,
potions, and pills’ sold to a naïve population desperate for solutions to make skin look and feel better.
Whether sold in a dermatologists’ office, spa, health food store, or online, none of these ‘miracle’
products address the key underlying causes of poor skin health. For a detailed list of personal care product
toxins to avoid, read my web article, Helpful Hints for Health, found under the Learning Center.

The Cause of Poor Skin Health

Collagen and elastin (skin connective tissues) don’t repair easily as we age. However, there are KEY areas
that can be addressed, resulting in softer, resilient, beautiful looking skin.

Our Skin Health Protocol is unique. Why? It addresses all KEY skin health mechanisms:

1) Liver & Kidney ‘Sluggishness’ - the ‘filters’ for our blood and lymph, and CRITICAL for skin health!
2) Low Antioxidants – breaks down collagen & elastin, increases susceptibility to UV/sun damage.
3) Hormone Imbalance – creates inability of skin to retain moisture, contributes to premature aging.
4) Poor Hydration – learn the premier skin ‘hydration’ fluids.
5) Wrong fats & Oils – learn the best fats for skin health.
6) Toxic Personal Care Products/Environmental Toxins – are you applying hidden toxins to your skin?

The 3-Step Skin Health Protocol

Step 1: Diet & Foods

Step 2: Topical Support

Step 3: Targeted, Specific Nutrients

Step 1) DIET & FOODS –
Healthy skin requires foods that clean our filters – the liver and the kidneys. That means fresh fruits and
veggies from lots of colors. Aim for half of every meal from fresh fruits and/or veggies. If you're serious about permanently improving your skin appearance, this means more than just eating a ‘good diet’. This hydrates with easily assimilated water, provides micronutrients, enzymes, mineral salts, and skin-protecting antioxidants. For more info, read my website articles Food for A Healthy Life and Total Liver Purification.
Eat less fats and oils. This is key! If you want healthy skin forever, eat less fats and oils. Even healthy fats congest
and create a sluggish liver over time, which means less clearance of blood and lymph of impurities. This ages skin!!
Of course we need some fats and oil in the diet, but 95% of us eat too much. For more details, see my web articles
Food for A Healthy Life and Total Liver Purification. Bottom line: ↑ fresh produce and ↓ all fats & oils. If you are extra motivated, add 16oz. of FRESH squeezed celery juice 20 minutes before any food or drink at least 3-4 times a week for at least 3+ months. 


Note: All products are available on our web online pharmacy at 20% off. See

1) Hydrate - Ultra Hyaluronic Acid Cream. Made by MyChelle Dermaceuticals. Use 1-2 pumps. Mix together with 1-2 pumps of Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, made by Klaire Labs. The latter is most important, but using both gives best results.
Simply the cleanest, strongest, hypoallergenic hyaluronic acids in the world! Includes plant stem cells. No odor or color. Spread a dab onto face and arms after washing. Use it long term best results.


1) Whole Body Collagen, by Designs for Health. The most widely-researched collagen in the world!
Independently lab tested for environmental toxins (unlike others)! Contains 3 patented collagens. If you’ve ever
used collagen powders and were disappointed, this is for you. It’s the only collagen I recommend. 1 scoop/day mixed into any liquid or mushy food.

2) Cosmedix, by Ortho Molecular. Take 2 caps a day with food. My favorite capsule formula.
Researched herbs and nutrients to assist hormones that affect skin and connective tissues. This product, along with Whole Body Collagen, typically shows visible improvemtn in skin appearnace in as little as 2 months! 

3) Multivitamin. For the best choices, see my web article Virtual Pharmacy Products & Ordering, under the
Learning Center, and check under the ‘Multivitamin’ section.

NOTE: Follow all 3 steps listed above. Most people notice spectacular results in 60 days!

Best to take all 3 products for at least 3 months in a row, then 1 month each season to maintain benefits.

Optional –
• General lotions: Calendula Body Lotion, or Unscented Body Lotion by Weleda.

NOTE: All above products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, lab-tested, and they work!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition.