Total Liver Purification

Total Liver Purification*

Our liver is the most overworked organ. It constantly purifies the blood, targets pathogens, eliminates toxins, produces nutrients, assists hormones, regulates sugar & stores compounds. Science says it performs over 1,000 functions. It’s the ultimate multi-tasker and never gets a break. A lifetime of toxins, pathogens, poor diet and genetic weaknesses add up. So it needs regular cleaning, and is commonly sluggish (excess liver heat in Chinese medicine or excess pitta in Ayurveda) in spite of normal conventional tests. DO YOU EXPERIENCE ANY:


·      Waking between 1-3am

·      Trouble staying asleep

·      Quick to anger

·      Feel Frustration or resentment

·      Headaches

·      Neck & shoulder pain

·      Bloat or belch after food

·      Brown spots on back of hands/arms

·      Tender or fullness in right abdomen

·      Light colored stool

·      Allergies (environmental or foods)

·      Swelling anywhere

·      Dark circles under the eyes

·      Sagging or loose skin, or excessive vericose veins


If so, TOTAL LIVER PURIFICATION CAN HELP YOU. The truth is most liver cleanses don’t work. Juicing, herbs, or untested diets aren’t enough. Our system works on ALL levels of liver health – organ, cell (hepatocytes), biliary, gut, lymph, and nerve….and is totally safe for most everyone!

Repeat each season for best results. So what exactly is Total Liver Purification?


Our 3-Part System uses Targeted Nutrition, Diet, and Home Therapies.


1) Targeted Nutrition:

            A) LVR Formula caps (gentle liver detox & anti-inflammatory for liver & gallbladder)

            B) Methyl B Complex liposomal (next generation methylation support)

            C) Liposomal Glutathione liquid (intracellular detox and mitochondria support)

            D) GI Detox + caps (prevents recirculation of toxins from gut)


2) Diet: A Whole Foods, Low-Fat, Low-Oil, Plant-Based Diet. FRESH squeezed celery juice as an option (16+ oz. in am, upon arising; 20 minutes before anything).


3) Home Therapies: Castor Oil Packs and/or the right type of Sauna Therapy (strongest and deepest therapy).

(See the reverse page for specifics on all the above information)



How long does the Total Liver Purification last?

Around 30 days or so. However, you can do it longer for even better results. Perform this twice yearly!


Are there any side effects or ‘detox’ reactions?

Usually not, however everyone is different, and we all carry varying toxic loads. In the rare case, if any unwanted symptoms occur, simply stop for 2 days, then start back at ½ dose. If still an issue, stop again then follow the program every other day, but at ½ dose. Be sure to drink plenty of water.


Are there any contraindications or drug interactions?

Contraindications include pregnancy, nursing, immunosuppressive drugs, and certain chemotherapy medcications. Do not take GI Detox+ caps at same time as any RX medicine (at least 2 hours away). If in doubt, ask your physician.


Can children do it?

Yes. Age 12 or older take at normal dose; ages 8-12 take at ½ dose. If unable to swallow caps, open contents and pour into any juice or mushy food like apple sauce.





LVR Formula – 1 cap, twice a day, at any time.

Liposomal Glutathione – 2-4 pumps, am & pm. Hold under tongue 30 seconds before swallowing.

Methyl B Complex Liposomal – 2 pumps, am & pm. Take the same as glutathione. One after the other.

GI Detox + – 2 caps, at 30+ minutes before dinner, OR 2+ hours after dinner (empty stomach).

NOTE: Products are available on our web pharmacy at 20% off !

LVR Formula. A great out of stock option is Liver Support II w/Picchorhiza; Liposomal Glutathione (by Quicksilver Scientific or Designs for Health only); Methyl B Complex (by Quicksilver Scientific or Liposomal B Supreme by Designs for Health); Optional if you can't tolerate the taste of either of these two liposomal products is Ultra B-complex w/PQQ caps (Pure Encapsulations) - take 1 cap a day with food. GI Detox+ out of stock option is PectaSol Metal Detox.



This uses a whole food, LOW FAT, LOW OIL, plant-based diet (WFPBD). Refer to my web article, Food for A Healthy Life, found under the Learning Center. The focus is more plant foods (especially fresh fruit) less animal products, less fats and oils (even healthy ones). However, you must read and follow the specific way of eating as outlined in the article. Super Boost: Drink 16+ oz. fresh squeezed celery juice every am, at least 20+ minutes before food. Must be made fresh. Do not mix with anything else. Store bought celery juice that's high-pressure pasteurized (HPP) won't do the job. If you are sensitive to the celery juice (loose stools) just cut the dose in half.



1) The right type of infrared Sauna Therapy is simply the most effective form of home therapy you can do. Period. However it must not contain any chemicals used in manufacturing, must have a full-spectrum of IR wavelengths, have zero unhealthy EMF radiation, and have been unsed in actual scientific studies. This is why the only dry IR sauna I recommend is from this company. See my web article for details and more information. Also, all healthquest viewers receive a significant discount!

2) Castor oil packs to the right upper abdomen for 1-2 hours, at least 2 times a week. See my web article Castor Oil Pack Therapy under the Learning Center for details and instructions.

Clinician's Tip:

Castor oil and the cotton flannel sheets vary considerably in quality, which is why I only recommend the versions found on the web Virtual Pharmacy (Heritage, Banyan Botanicals, or Premier Research).


Need extra support? Double the dose of ALL Targeted Nutrition. Example: LVR Formula at 2 caps, 2x/day; Liposomal Glutathione and Methyl B Complex Liposomal at 4-6 pumps, am & pm; keep the GI Detox+ caps at 2 caps in pm. If you choose the Ultra B-Complex w/PQQ caps, keep the dose at 1 cap a day.


Optional: Still having detox symptoms? Add in daily coffee enemas. See my web article Coffee Enema Procedure .


Still have symptoms after the Total Liver Purification? Consider the Pathogen Purge Program for chronic infections and/or the Total Cell Detox Protocol for heavy metals & chemicals, which are culprits in most cases. Ask us for details, or set up a consultation with Dr. Barsten.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.