Dr. Barsten

Greg Barsten has been a practicing clinician for over 35 years. In addition to maintaining a busy practice, he has been a regular  postgraduate lecturer at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, serves on several scientific advisory boards, and was the clinical nutrition consultant and advisory board member for a bay area cancer support center for over 10 years.

He’s lectured widely to various hospitals, clinics and health companies, in addition to working in an official capacity to various professional sports organizations. As a chiropractor, double board-certified clinical nutritionist and registered medical herbalist, he relentlessly pursues and studies health and natural healing methods.

Conditions Treated Successfully

Dr. Barsten, DC has had success over the years in treating a variety of neuromusculoskeletal complaints including the following:

His integrated approach of gentle chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapies and advanced muscle balancing procedures have helped many people over the years to get out of pain and regain full function again. You don’t have to live in pain any longer.

Save Your Life

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a stealth-like process that can strike you, your friends, your family…anyone. It remains the #1 killer in the world, so there’s much to learn about prevention and science-based natural, non-toxic, effective support measures

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